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What does facilitation mean?

[#facilitation] What does facilitation actually mean to you?

When I met up with Alex Gray to record an episode for the #InternationalClassroomPodcast, one of the questions he asked was this:

👀 What does facilitation mean to you?

In this snippet, I mention who has helped shape my ideas about facilitation more recently - from both Joyce Matthews (乔诗宇) FRSA and Alex too. Specifically: Alex's articles on the DEEP Professional blog, and Joyce’s recent podcast (I'll link below).

This year, the key development in how I think about facilitation is that it has a lot to do with #leadership.

💭💬 I’d love to know - if you’re a teacher/trainer/full time facilitator - or you facilitate any meetings for groups at work, how do you define facilitation? What does it mean for you? If you had to put 'facilitation' into a single sentence definition, what would it say?

Links to the resources mentioned above are here:

🔗Deep Professional Blog:

🔗Podcast Episode with Joyce about facilitation:

🔗Podcast: my full episode with Alex -

P.S. Posting this one to you from Pakistan, Dera Ismail Khan, where I’m working remotely this week. The heat is no joke - 45 degrees some days - but what’s also tough is the load shedding (electricity cuts). I have colleagues and friends in South Africa who also face load shedding on a regular basis, but this is the first time I’m working with load shedding myself. Thank goodness for generators, power packs, and general human inventions that keep us all connected and going. 🙌

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