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The Weekly Well

A private mailing list - for those who live (or want to live) in a land far away from social media.

Contrary to how things appear in this bold new world of algorithms and social media, I have found that a large majority of the people I share my work with and have written for over the years do not use Social Media.


In fact: most of them tell me they don't even like Social Media. (Yes, I include myself in this sweeping and somewhat derogatory statement about a tool that I have most recently learned to navigate and respect. Yes, that last sentence was a sincere effort to balance things out a little.)

So that is precisely the reason this newsletter exists, and the reason why I have always made an effort to deliver a private email newsletter - on and off for the last several years.


Registering will allow you to enjoy a roundup of the latest writing, content and quotables I create each week, nicely packaged in a pleasant, private email, quietly delivered to your inbox (as long as your notifications are off), and best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

(While I can't guarantee I can deliver a cup of tea, I am confident I can deliver on the pleasant email front.)

Will I be welcoming you on board?


Read on if you're still feeling reluctant to receive yet another email newsletter in your inbox, yet want to engage with what I share.


I'm newsletter-averse. Probably much like you are. So who is this for and what is it about?

People who resonate with my work are facilitators, deep thinkers, intellectuals, free thinkers, empaths, introspective types. They are generally the good-natured kind of folk who care about people, their lives, how meaningfully they spend their time, and nurturing lasting relationships. They are ethical, considerate, kind and polite. In general, they are teachers - the type who are curious, adore learning and have a brave thirst for growth, healing and self awareness.

I share a lot of writing and content on a daily basis. This email is for those who want to stay in the know with me. Those who may not visit social media every day. Those who want a quiet moment to enjoy a selection of work I've drawn up specially from a well of good intentions.

Before you register, I encourage you to either read some of my blog on this website, or explore my LinkedIn profile for a sample of the kind of things I share. (I know, I know: the irony is not lost on me that I am sending you to a social media site for this task. But my LinkedIn page is, gratefully, a vibrant place and will give you a good sense of what I'm all about and the kind of good folk I love to engage with.)

That being done, and now you're back with me, if you'd still like to subscribe, here's what the email you'll receive will include:

Contents: The Weekly Well

1: Beautiful quotables

+ Week's worth of motivational, thought provoking & sharable quotables 

2: Short, actionable articles

+ Articles for the week (my key topics are: #facilitation, #productivity #learning #wellbeing).

3: A private note & personal updates

+ Sent from me, just for those on this email list. 

In this email, you may well hear about things I do not necessarily write about or share on Social Media. 

If you've read down to here and are still keen, now's the time!

Register below to be on the list:

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